The Entrance Baptist


A Family Church For The Central Coast

+61 2 4332 8333

8 Yakalla St, Bateau Bay NSW 2261 AU

A worship service for All Ages

Our Sunday morning worship service is designed to encourage and equip followers of Jesus through preaching from God's word, singing Christian songs, and corporate prayer. Every Sunday we seek to include children with a kids song and special kids stories from time to time. 

Each Sunday we have kids church (like Sunday School). We use material called The Gospel Project - currently we are looking at the kings of Israel in "A Kingdom Established". This fun program teaches children about the Bible and how it is all fulfilled in Jesus using DVD's, activity pages and games. 

Following our Sunday service we share morning tea together where we can catch up and encourage each other.


Welcome: Expect to be greeted at the door and given a bulletin with key information about what is happening in our church and an insert with a bible passage printed.

Singing: Each week we sing Christian songs, some are contemporary others hymns. Usually there is one song especially for children.

Kid's Church: About 15 minutes after church begins 4 - 13 year olds leave the church service and have their own program in another room which includes, singing, prayer, bible story and worksheet/ craft.

Prayer: A member of the church will lead the congregation by praying for people, our church and things happening in our world. There will be a time of praise to God and confession of sin.

Bible Reading: During church the bible will be read aloud. People follow in their own bibles, or follow on he screen or on the printed bulletin insert.

Announcements: One of the leaders of the church welcomes visitors and makes relevant announcements to inform the congregation of what is going on in the life of the church.

Bible Talk / Sermon: A trained bible teacher/ preacher explains the bible readings for approximately 25 minutes endeavouring to help people understand the bible so we can apply it to our lives.

Communion: On the first Sunday of each month those who have their faith and trust in Jesus for salvation participate in a ceremony with grape juice and small pieces of bread that symbolise the blood and body of Jesus Christ and remind believers of what Jesus has done for them.

Contribution: Regular members have the opportunity to contribute to the running of the church and the work that the church does. Visitors however are not expected or asked to give. This time of giving usually happens during the singing of one of the songs.

10am Sunday Morning