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Year 6-9  YOUTH GROUP 

Friday 7-9pm

Each Sunday 10am

Join us as we sing God's praise and open the Bible to discover what God says about the hope, purpose and meaning of life through Jesus. 

Our church community is diverse all united around Jesus Christ. We encourage the children to know that they too can participate in church with a dedicated time for a children's message and song! Our older members enjoy the hymn we have each week while our younger people enjoy the more contemporary songs we include as well. 

We'd love you to join us this Sunday.

Term 1 2018

This term in church we are examining chapters 18-21 of John's gospel to see Jesus Complete His Mission.  

We see:

  • Jesus appear before Annas, the former high priest.
  • Jesus on trial and condemned by Pilate.
  • John's version of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection with new information not found in the other gospels.

John uses special emphases and subtle allusion to show that the true Messiah was Jesus, and that his crucifixion was not a tragic failure, but the culmination of God’s mission for him to rescue the world from God’s judgement. Through his own death, followed by resurrection, Jesus was restoring the world to fullness of life.


Each Sunday, including the school holidays, we run a Kids Church program for preschoolers and a separate program for school age children in Kindy to Year 6.



(except school holidays)


4 times a year

for Adults



Mainly MUSIC


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